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Posted Tuesday, 30th October 2012, Snake Sale - All must go

Great opportunity to buy top quality breeding groups of snakes and FREE* rack units at bargain prices.


Posted Wednesday, 06th January 2010, More pictures added plus 2 more care sheets in the next day or 2.

Uromastyx Gallery now includes 15 photos of Uromastyx species including young and hatchlings. Use the menu ab MORE

Posted Wednesday, 28th October 2009, Coming soon, more care sheets and colour pictures of Monitors, Asian and Indonesian Tree Agamids.

Dwarf and smaller Tree Monitors. Tree Dragons, genus Gonocephalus and Acanthos MORE

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In these pages you can find details of the reptiles and amphibians I keep together with those which I am offering for sale and which should be available in the future.


(subject to conditions)

Follow the Pricelist link above for details of the animals which are, or will soon be available for sale. You will also find links to photographs (which can also be seen in the Gallery) for most of them together with caresheets (which you can also view directly by following the "Caresheets" link).

More photographs, including animals I have kept in the past, can be found by following the Gallery link above.

I have been keeping and breeding amphibians and reptiles for many years. The "About me" link will tell you a little more about what I have done and continue to do.

Arguably my greatest area of expertise is with the Uromastyx genus. As a result they have their own link above in which I share some of that expertise and experience.

I also include a list of links which I find of interest and value and which I hope you do too. Of course, if you have a site you believe I should have included then please let me know and I will be happy to exchange links.

For now, I simply hope you enjoy the rest of this website.
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