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Usually described as 'Typical' lizards, the Lacertid family does in fact contain the kinds of lizard one most commonly sees in Europe. In the New World the Teids occupy the same status so are included here.

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Eyed Lizards,(<i> Timon lepidus</i>). Both of these are Male animals as can be seen by the large powerful head. My animals include the bloodline of this exceptionally well marked individual Another Male Eyed Lizard (<i>Timon lepidus</i>). His is the bloodline responsible for the exceptional markings on my lizards. In 2008 he was about 26 years old. This is a female Eyed Lizard (<i>Timon lepidus</i>). She is included here to demonstrate the huge difference in the proportions of the head in the different sexes.

View inside the outdoor reptiliares Lacerta trilineata major Male Green lizard Lacerta bilineata

Outdoor reptilaries Male Lacerta schrieberi Western Green Lizard (<i>Lacerta bilineata</i>). Female

Female Lacerta schrieberi Timon princeps kurdistanica, a rarely seen Lacertid which lives in Mardin & Siirt Vilayets in Turkey(S E Anatolia), N Iraq and adjoining Iran. 100-150 dry days and in cold dry steppe,5-8 months of frost, partly combined with dry period. Zagros Oak forest Lacerta media ciliciensis.(probably) Originaly imported as L. trilineata galatiensis. S.Anatolia in Icel, Adana, & Kayseri provinces. Juveniles have 3 bright green longitudinal stripes.

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