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Here you will find pictures of some of the beautiful animals I have had the pleasure of keeping and breeding both past and present. Simply select the gallery and click on the thumbnails to see a full-size picture.

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Orange Spotted agama, (<i>Laudakia stellio picea</i>) - Female left, male right. These are much smaller than most Starred Agama sub-species. Album title: Agamids

A very large family of lizards ranging from desert ground dwelling to arboreal tropical rain forest species through even near temperate climates. Most species show some spines somewhere! The family includes the Uromastyx but these are dealt with separately

Marginated Tortoise (Testudo marginata)hatching from egg. Album title: Chelonians

Pictures of tortoises, terrapins and turtles

Frog Eyed Gecko (<i>Teratoscincus scincus keyserlingi</i>). Hatchlings. Beautiful little lizards which being ground dwelling lack the normal Gecko Album title: Geckos

The Geckos are generally regarded as one of the most primitive groups of lizards. Nonetheless, their various adaptations to habitat and environment reach almost unparalled levels.

Male Blue Rock Lizard, Petrosaurus thalassinus. Album title: Iguanids

This group include a large number of genera which are nearly all New World species. They range from Horned Lizards. Rock lizards, Anoles, Basilisks,Collard lizards, Chuckwallas,Ctenosaurs(Spinytailed Iguanas), Cyclura or West Indian Island Iguanas, to the true Iguana species. Others that are too numerous to mention.

Eyed Lizards,(<i> Timon lepidus</i>). Both of these are Male animals as can be seen by the large powerful head. My animals include the bloodline of this exceptionally well marked individual Album title: Lacertids and Teids

Usually described as 'Typical' lizards, the Lacertid family does in fact contain the kinds of lizard one most commonly sees in Europe. In the New World the Teids occupy the same status so are included here.

New option for 24 x 24 inch bases which convert the cage to an additional 6 inches of height and allow for water or substrate to be used for digging, egglaying etc. Album title: Repcage

A Gallery devoted solely to the specially designed Reptile Cages (Repcage (TM)) that I produce and supply.

Eryx colubrinus loveridgei, 
Kenyan Sand Boa Album title: Snakes

Small Boids,Pythons and Colubrids. Eryx,Sand boas, Lichanura, Rosy boas, Python regius, Royal Pythons, Corn snakes and Kingsnakes.

Morrocan Spiney Tailed Lizard, (<i>Uromastyx acanthinurus nigriventris</i>) Adult Female Album title: Uromastyx (Spiny Tailed Agamids)

These animals are heavily adapted to one of the most hostile environments on the planet. Despite this, they include some remarkably beautiful animals. Their captive care is, however, a very specialised subject and if you are interested in keeping them I urge you to read about them following the link in the menu.

Green Tree Monitor (Varanus prasinus)- mating pair. They look almost affectionate but this is misleading. Album title: Varanids

The Varanids or Monitor Lizards include the World's heaviest and longest lizards. They are amongst the most voracious of reptiles. They also include some extremely agile smaller and generally arboreal species - the dwarf monitors.



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