Great opportunity to buy top quality breeding

groups of snakes. and FREE* rack units


*(subject to conditions)

Sale of a small collection of Royal Pythons and other small Boids and ratsnakes.

Sale of snake collection, includes a select number of some of the nicer Corn snake morphs

All adult and ready to breed unless otherwise stated.

An excellent opportunity to buy Royal Python Mutations at a sensible price and get started in the colour phase/morph hobby/business. Reason for sale. Time commitments and need to concentrate on a larger lizard collection.

2 pairs Eryx c. loveridgei

Price per pair

Females yellow

Males orange


Pair Rosy boas

Bay of LA phase


Royal Python morphs include Pastel, Spider, Albino, het albino. Also adult normal females for mating with dominant and co-dominat genes.

Mutations of Royal Pythons

Pastel female


1 only




(dominant gene)

I adult only




(dominant gene)

1 grown on




(recessive gene)

1 young sub-adult



Het albino

Het pairs will produce 1 or 2 full albino, 2 pairs, price per pair.


Normal females

4 available

Good way to produce full mutations with a male of any of the above.

Adult breeders

Each but paired with spider or hetísnake


Trio Het Pied

I pied produced last year

Young adults

Excellent chance for producing full pieds next year.


Mutations of corn snakes

Trio of Lavenders

Ready and proven breeders

Price for trio

Not available as single animals.


Albino Rev-amel Okeetee x candycane

Proven breeders

Price per pair


Albino stripes

Breed next year

Price per pair


Albino butters

Proven breeders

Price per pair


Trio of special Amel het anery bloods which could also produce Butter stripes and more.

These corns are an interesting group which would allow the breeder to develope several new strains.

Amel het anery bloods


Whole group(trio)


2 @ 10 drawer Racking Units housing up to ten pairs of snakes per unit complete with heat pads and vents free if buying 10 pairs of snakes. Must be purchased at the same time.

1 @ 5 drawer unit also available with animals as above

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